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2016 Energy Management Leadership Awards 

The 2016 CEM Energy Management Leadership Award recipients are listed below. View “Energy and Carbon Savings: Insights from Companies Certified to ISO 50001” to learn about first-hand business experiences, insights, and benefits resulting from use of ISO 50001 around the world. Learn about 2016 judges.

Award of Excellence Winners

Cummins Inc.

Cummins Team

9 sites across India, the United Kingdom, and the United States of America
Cummins designs, manufactures, sells, and services diesel engines and related technology around the world. Establishing an energy management system through a corporate enterprise approach has helped the company exceed savings goals in cost, energy, and carbon emissions. 

LG Chem, Ltd.

LG Chem team

Ochang Plant, South Korea
LG Chem is the biggest manufacturer of large-sized polarizers in the world market and makes many kinds of batteries, including Lithium-Ion batteries. LG Chem’s Ochang plant is certified to ISO 50001, helping the company to meet domestic and international energy and greenhouse gas targets, including the Korean government’s goal to reduce national carbon emissions 30% by 2020.

New Gold Inc.

New Gold team

New Afton Mine, Canada
New Afton is the first mine in North America to implement ISO 50001. With lower gold and copper prices over the past few years, improved energy performance is one of the few areas that can improve profitability.  ISO 50001 also aligns well with energy and greenhouse gas emissions protocols, allowing the mine to focus on ISO 50001 as a means to comply with several programs at the same time.

Insight Award Recipients